What about safety and risks?

Paragliding is an adventure sport and like any other adventure sport has inherent risk associated with it. We have years of experience in training which helps us eliminate and reduce the risk. Our group size is small and the site is not congested with pilots. Being a coastal area winds too are more predictable. All these factors help us maintain a good safety record. We are equipped with first aid facilities and a stretcher. In any unfortunate incident good hospitals are within two kilometers from the site. We have standard procedures in place to deal with any kind of emergencies.

What are other costs?

Generally people from Mumbai return back home in the evening and come back the next morning. So your traveling cost to Virar and what you spend on your own food is the only other expense. Traveling to the site is in Club vehicles.

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  Flying Season begins in October

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 At Virar


Paragliding season is from September to May, the last three months are ideal for soaring flights in Vasai-Virar area. These months are also good for training. At Space Apple you get an advantage of winching flights before graduating to hill flying in the P1 course. The coastal location provides laminar sea breeze every day.

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About Space Apple

Virar Space Apple is based in Virar closest and the best place near Mumbai for Paragliding Training & Paramotor Joyride..
Samson Dsilva Samson Dsilva - CFI at Space Apple. Air & Adventure enthusiast and with over 15 years of experience in Paragliding.
Multi-Sport 5 Training Hills, Winching from a flat ground, Paragliding, Paramotoring, Trike flying, Power kiting, Parasailing and Aeromodelling.

Paragliding Courses

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Regulations & Licensing in India

Paragliding, Hang gliding and Paramotoring are not regulated by DGCA or Aero Club of India, so no license is required to fly anywhere in India. However all pilots are expected to maintain a logbook to show their experience level. In absence of national policies, many states in India have come up with safety guidelines to reduce risk factors and control accidents.

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