Children's Camps

An annual camp for a child is as important as his academic studies for his overall development.

Our camps are aimed at giving participants, an opportunity to experience independence, learn self-reliance, co-operation, teamwork, the importance of doing their bit and having a lot of fun while doing it.

Along with fun and learning you come closer to nature, you develop your personality, you get bold and self reliant, learn to fend for yourself, get over your inhibitions, develop leadership qualities and learn to live in social harmony and comradeship with each other.

General Camp Activities
In our camps participants get to participate in some of the most enjoyable adventure activities like Paragliding, paramotoring, Parasailing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River crossing, Tent Pitching, Trekking, Archery, Air Rifle shooting, knowledge of sports equipment used, uses of various kinds of Knots etc. They get the opportunity to know about Nature including Bird watching and Stargazing along with knowledge of physical fitness and First Aid. During campfire one gets an opportunity to display talents in singing, performing small skits, dancing, story telling etc.

Security, Safety and other issues
Camp sites are chosen at places we are familiar with; hence there are no issues of security from any kind of wild life or anti-social elements. Our coordinators are qualified and have experience not only in their specialized fields but also in handling any kind of emergencies. All participants in our camps are briefed before joining about expected behavior. Any advances by a child toward disrupting social harmony are nipped at the bud. Our activities are planned in advance and while on field trips we can be reached by parents and guardians without any problem. Our camp sites have basic amenities such as secured place to rest, clean toilet facilities, potable drinking water, hygienic food, communication facilities and responsible organisers.

At the end, each member and will carry lifelong memories of the happy days they spent with us. The skills they learn and habits they develop will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.Camps are organised during week days of summer and winter vacations – Typically in month of December and May. The age group is 8 to 12 years and group size is 25 to 30 children per camp.