Paramotor Tandem Joyride

The huge coast northwest of Mumbai starting from Bassein fort to Arnala is lined up with many beaches.

This stretch of over 15 kilometres offers excellent aerial view of the Arabian Sea and the villages nestled amongst the palm trees, vegetable gardens, paddy fields and flower gardens.

Our tandem joyrides start either on the beach or from huge abandoned salt pans. We gain about 500 feet altitude after takeoff and show you this beautiful area in armchair comfort in an open cockpit. As we use the trike, takeoff and landing is in a seated position eliminating the hazards of foot launching.

Being a coastal area the winds are predictable and laminar especially during early morning and evening just before sunset. This is also the best time of the day to enjoy a tandem joyride with us.

This region is well connected by rail and road right up to the beach. There are many resorts in the area providing excellent meals and recreational activities a a one day package at a very reasonable rate in case you wish make this a whole day activity.

Paramotor Joyride