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Space Apple

is based in Virar, closest and the best place near Mumbai for paragliding training. Being a coastal area the winds are laminar, predictable and ideal for training in the evenings. Ridge soaring and thermalling is possible in mid afternoon.
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Flying sites:

Black Beauty hill, Twin Rock hill, Tungareshwar, Jivdani hill, Kaner hills and few other small slopes are used for training depending on wind strength and direction.

Virar is the only place for paragliding in India with so many choices all in a radius of about 6 kms to 8kms from Virar station. The sites are close to main road so unlike at other places you do not spend much time in travelling.

The training sites are never crowded as we are the only school at Virar so no waiting time unlike at sites where there are over 15 to 20 students from different schools using one site.
Winching Advantage :

Winching is another method used by Space Apple for training. In winch based flying, the takeoff is from a flat ground, instead of hill. So you do not have to climb hill to perfect your landings. This saves time and energy while learning the basic skills. You also end up getting more flights in training. Virar has hundreds of acres of open land where winch based training is conducted.

Virar also has a huge coast of over 20 kms which is ideal for paragliding and paramotoring training.All this add up to your advantage as we rarely have to cancel or postpone training due to bad weather.
Our Advantage:

Though dedicated to paragliding, Space Apple is into many aviation sports such as paramotoring, trike flying, power kiting, parasailing and aeromodelling.

The Chief Instructor enjoys teaching and has been training since 1998. The training team has two Chief Instructors and two assistants.

The number of students per batch is limited between two to four – the advantage is personal attention.