A parasail is a parachute that goes up!  It is designed to be towed behind a boat or jeep. The passenger is attached to the parasail's comfortable harness, once the preflight checks are done the takeoff assistants signal the driver of the tow vehicle, the passenger takes a few steps -- and soars into the air!  Depending on the length of the tow rope, your parasail can carry you hundreds of feet into the sky.
We use two methods for parasailing - Stationery pull-in winch and traditional towing. This gives us flexibility to operate almost in any area with open sky.
If you've been to a beach resort destinations abroad or in Goa, you've probably seen parasail’s lifting riders skyward.
The ride is breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable.  The parasail is stable so the passenger enjoys the ride without having to steer.  Landings are easy: the tow vehicle slows down and the rider is gently lowered to earth. Responsibility for the safety of the passenger depends to a large extent on the team helping out in this sport. Our team has been giving rides for over 5 years and has experience of winching paragliders so you are in absolute safe hands.
What setup is used for parasailing?
We use a stationery winch for towing up the parasail. The take-off and flight areas are clear of obstructions, trees and rocks. We have a skilled winch operator who is also a paraglider pilot, a trained person to give launch and a trained person at landing. The ground crew is available as assistants.
What Preflight checks are done?
A preflight inspection of all the gear is required and insures its flight readiness. If the winds conditions are not safe we wait for conditions to improve. We have responsible persons at takeoff who makes sure the passenger has all the straps and is briefed about hand positions. We also make sure he understands how to balance himself during takeoff and after landing.  On Hard surfaces the flyer wears a helmet, knee and elbow guards for protection.
How does one land?
The flight is finished while heading into the wind; landing will be closer to the winch. The winch operator reduces the power and the flyer gently drifts downward.
Parasailing is the new attraction at tourist locations in India. Although recreational para-sails have been around for more than 30 years, more efficient modern designs has made it simpler than taking a joyride in a roller coaster.
If you have never flown, the freedom of flight awaits you. Flying in the parasail is an aerial adventure that the whole family can enjoy.