Why Virar?

Virar is a city in Palghar
(earlier Thane)

Maharashtra, India, part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
Virar railway station is the northern-most railway station on the Western Line of Mumbai Suburban Railway. Virar is approximately 65kms from Sion-Mumbai by road.

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Despite being in close proximity to the ever busy lifestyle of Mumbai, Virar manages to be a well known tourist place for many reasons.

Jivdani Temple

Jivdani Temple

is famous throughout the country for its only temple of Goddess Jivdani which is located around 1375 steps above the ground level, atop a hill in the eastern part of the city. People from far away places come to take the blessings of the Goddess. Many people in the region especially the Mangelas, the Kolis and the Bhandaris, worship the goddess as their family deity.

Jain Temple

Jain Temple

located at Agashi is very famous amongst Jains, as it is one of the very old temples in Mumbai and the adjoining region. This 400-year old temple has beautiful old carvings of the Lords of Jain community like Shri Mahavir, Lord Ghantagharan bhagvan and some specially decorated carvings of old times. Agashi temple also has overnight staying options for tourists travelling from far distance, especially for commuters coming to visit from all over Mumbai.
St. James Church

St. James Church

located at Agashi on the road connecting Virar and Arnala, was first built in 1558. Portuguese were the best known seafarers among the European clans who built homes near the sea wherever they went. 'Agasi', the then small port village was one such place. Owing to its nearness to the sea and availability of wood from the jungles, which the Portuguese needed for boat building and constructions, Agashi soon became a permanent settlement for the Portuguese. The St. James Church that came into being during this early period was built using stones and bricks. In the year 1900 the church was renovated.

Beach and resorts

Beach and resorts

The famous Arnala beach and Rajodi beach is situated just a few km west of the railway station. It is a favourite spot for the teenagers and elderly alike. There are regular State transport buses and autos that carry the tourists to the beaches from the railway station.

Air & Adventure

Virar is the closest and the best place near Mumbai for paragliding training. Being a coastal area the winds at Virar are laminar, predictable and ideal for aviation sports. Early morning and evening winds are suitable for beginners and mid and early afternoon conditions are perfect for advance flyers. Sydney hill, Black Beauty hill, Twin Rock hill, Jivdani hill, Tungareshwar, Kaner hills are a few locations for hill flying. Virar is the only place near Mumbai with so many choices like paragliding, paramotoring, trike flying, power kiting, parasailing and aeromodelling all in a radius of about 6 km. Virar has hundreds of acres of open land where winch based training is conducted by Space Apple.

Vasai-Virar Kala Krida Mahotsav

is an annual sports event for the sportspersons of Virar and the neighbouring localities. The event has been a great success for the last 17 years, with participation coming from regional schools, colleges and grampanchayats. Other games like Karate and Kho-Kho have created state level players. Every year this event is conducted at the year end precisely from 26 Dec to the new years night at the Chimajiappa Playground and the New English School, Vasai.

Vasai-Virar Marathon

The first Mayor Marathon was started in the year 2011 to promote the talent of local Vasai-Virar people. Vasai-Virar Mayor Marathon is dedicated to promoting new talents and focused on two social cause being 'Save Girl Child’ and ‘No Pollution, Balancing Nature and Environment'.