By Lakeside, Seashore and in Wild

My idea of camping is to go to a location preferable next to a lake or on mountain top. There should be nice trails close by to go on leisurely treks. The place should have secluded spots where I could just sit and relax, watch and admire nature. I would like to enjoy this in company of family and friends. People with whom I want to spend quality time & not wish to be disturbed by others.

Though we want to be alone we also want help on hand in case of any emergencies. We may be willing to cook our own food but we would also like someone to take care of our meals if needed. We would also like this place to be safe to camp at and do not want to get into wrong side of the law nor do we want anti social elements to trouble us.

Space Apple provides you the opportunities to convert this imagination to reality. This has to be a minimum of morning to evening outing where you get to appreciate the location and enjoy the experience.

  • The locations we are talking about are not really isolated in deep forests, nor are they very far from civilization but they provide you with this experience of camping out as described in the beginning.
  • We have three to four locations within an hour’s drive from Mumbai.
  • We provide you with the tents, sleeping bags & other basic necessities needed for outdoor camping.
  • A team of two persons will accompany you to make sure you have no problem of any kind.
  • You can either carry your food or choose to cook your own food.
  • During the day one person will guard the tents and one person can join you for any sight seeing our general trekking. Depending on the location we may have a two wheeler or a four wheeler for emergencies.

General Activities
You can just choose to be alone with the nature and your friends and family members. But if you want some action we can provide it too. Depending on the location we can go for a trek in nearby areas, have parasailing joyrides, do some rock climbing or rappelling or use this opportunity to know about nature including bird watching and stargazing etc. In the evening we can organise a barbeque along side a campfire.

Security, Safety and other issues
Camping sites are chosen at places we are familiar with; hence there are no issues of security from any kind of wild life or anti-social elements. Our coordinators are qualified and have experience not only in their specialized fields but also in handling any kind of emergencies. We are nature lovers and would like to leave the place better than what we found.
There are limitations too – hot water and proper toilets facilities will not be available in close vicinity. If your idea is to get drunk or play loud music this is not the right choice. We also expect you to be open to compromise on issues beyond our control.

So what is this going to cost you?
For a couple expect a minimum budget of Rs.7,200/- for a morning to evening outing. You will be picked up from the closest railway station or you can travel in your own vehicle. Remember all locations may not be motor able and parking may not be next to the campsite. Maximum group size will not be over 10 persons you will have to call up for costing details.