Trekking is fun! 

One should know the route and have an experienced person along or at least have accurate information on the path, distance and difficulty level.

June to January is a good time for treks but monsoon is our favorite time. The people who join us during these treks are generally nature lovers who are seeking company of like minded people. Some join in with their friends while others join in as singles and end up making new friends.

Naneghat trek

  Difficulty: moderate
  Age group: 10 years and above
  Fitness: average health with no medical complications and should be willing to walk
  Duration: 2 to 3 hours with short breaks
  Group size: limited to about 25 persons

Samson Camp and Trek
What do we provide?
  Experienced escort, who know the location well, has knowledge of first aid and wild life. In case of emergencies he knows what to do.
  The escort will take care of briefing and debriefing. During the trek he will share information and his knowledge about flora and fauna.
  The escort carries first aid kit and other gear necessary depending on the difficulty level of trek. We have a backup system in case of emergencies.
  For those looking for shoe string budget we provide an escort who knows the area in and out you take care of his expenses and spend as per your choice and budget.
  We are also happy to guide people who wish to trek independently and want information.
  We generally do not provide breakfast and lunch, people are expected to carry their own stuff.

Important Note:

Please follow a policy of LEAVING NO TRACE. In order to preserve nature and environment it is important for everyone to behave responsibly.
We should not leave any non bio-degradable garbage behind. We should not be polluting any locations.