Why others do not teach by winching?

Lack of skill, investment in equipment and lack of open spaces are the main reason. I personally enjoy hill flying more than flights by winching. But for training I prefer winching as it has many advantages over hill based training.

In both training methods experience of instructors plays an important role. At Space Apple we have been training people using winch based and hill flying method since 1998. We are also into paramotoring, parasailing, power kiting and aeromodelling which add up to our knowledge and skill.

What is the difference in hill based training and winch based training?

The basic ground training, flying and landing is same. What is different is the takeoff. In hill flying you climb up the mountain with 12 to 15 kgs of equipment to the takeoff point. In winch based flying you spread your wing on the ground, get connected to the winch rope and you are pulled up to desired height. Wind pattern at lower altitude (height) in open spaces are more predictable. In winching, altitude can be controlled unlike in case of hill training.Fear is less; safety is more as you start at ground level on a flat surface.

You need more ground training for hill flying because the terrain and altitude is decided by nature. Risk factors are lesser in winch based training as height is controlled by the winch operator, he can abort the flight if pilot is not in command. Since the area of operation is open spaces, your takeoff and landing areas are chosen with no obstructions like trees, electric poles etc.

In case of hill flying duration of flight is extended by staying closer to the ridge while in winching you try to find thermals to gain height. This does not affect beginners as in both cases initial flying is restricted to understanding takeoff and landing techniques.

Training by winching has advantages as one can do multiple flights in one day. You do not spend time and energy to climb the hill for takeoff.

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Paragliding season is from September to May, the last three months are ideal for soaring flights in Vasai-Virar area. These months are also good for training. At Space Apple you get an advantage of winching flights before graduating to hill flying in the P1 course. The coastal location provides laminar sea breeze every day.

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Regulations & Licensing in India

Paragliding, Hang gliding and Paramotoring are not regulated by DGCA or Aero Club of India, so no license is required to fly anywhere in India. However all pilots are expected to maintain a logbook to show their experience level. In absence of national policies, many states in India have come up with safety guidelines to reduce risk factors and control accidents.

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